Oli Baise: Sick Link Builder & All Round Good Egg

Ooooh, you’ve found a gem here…


My name’s Oli and I build links.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna get you a link on a s(h)ite like this, shoehorned into 1000 words of “unique content”, and then claim I’ve done something worthwhile by referencing some possibly made up metric.

I’m not like that.

More likely I’d get you opinion pieces on the blogs of industry-leading businesses or a soundbyte in the (real) press.

Think of it as PR or business development that’s marinated overnight in link juice. You can find a detailed recipe for this spicy little treat here.

A little bit about me.

Photo of SEO consultant Oli Baise
Sadly,  I never grew into my forehead…



So, this is what I look like (my mum used to say that I was the most handsome boy in school. I inherited her bullshitting skills and that’s why I now work in marketing).
I am:

      • Quality-focussed: I’m an angsty type who always worries that they’ll soon be exposed as a fraud. As a result, my attention to detail is top-notch.
      • Transparent: You can watch my spreadsheet(s) and inbox being filled up in real-time if you want to (it’s as riveting as it sounds).
      • Helpful: I’d rather work on a handful of interesting projects at a time than scale an agency to millions. Long-term relationships where we exceed each other’s expectations are my jam.
      • Friendly: Just not before 10am (GMT).

Cheers for reading, if you like what you hear then you can get in touch.

If you’re still not sure what I’m offering then this guide should help.