Freelance Link Builder & SEO Consultant

Proper SEO: Quality, Transparent and Effective

Everyone wants their website to be on top of Google.

Having your business shown to people who are looking exactly for what you are offering…it’s the dream right?

To have your website displaying on the top of Google, your site needs to be better than your competition in 3 ways:

  1. It needs to be laid out in a way that makes it easy to use on all devices.
  2. You need to have content on your site which addresses what a user is searching for. 
  3. It needs to have links coming from other websites that are relevant to whatever your site is about.

I make sure that that ingredient #3 happens.


Why do I need links to my website?

Having links to your website from other sites will help you get more traffic for 2 reasons:

  • Assuming that the link is from a relevant website (which all the links I build are), people may well click on to your website from the linking website. Anyone who clicks this link will be a highly qualified lead as they are already engaging with content related to what you do.


  • There is a highly significant correlation between the number of high-quality links a webpage has and its position in the Google rankings. The theory here is that Google uses a link from another site as a “vote of confidence” for the content on your website. This helps Google decide how to prioritise the webpages it gives to someone who searches.

Image showing the correlation between number of links a site has and its ranking in Google


Links are not the only factor which influences your Google ranking, but it is one of the most robustly established and easily quantifiable (compare this to “having good content” which is vague as hell).


Who should hire me?

I only do one thing, and that is building links to your website.

I only build links from high-quality websites. Although this may take longer (and hence be more expensive) than your £200 a month “SEO consultant”, this offers a very sustainable result where your chances of losing out to an algorithm update are minimal.

I can therefore probably only give you what you’re looking for if you’re after steady long-term growth, rather than doubling your revenue in a month.

Many SEO agencies offer a wide range of digital services such as building websites from scratch. As I only offer link building, you will only have use for me if:

  1. You have a website already.
  2. You either have some good quality, non-commercial content or are willing to invest in creating some.

Link building is far more effective if you have helpful, informational content on your site. I can build links even if you absolutely do not want to commit to creating this type of content but it is far more time consuming so results may not happen quite as quickly.


So… what exactly will you get from me?

I have created a very detailed resource on how exactly I will build links to your website.

A very simple outline of the process is that I identify or help create content on your site which other website owners may want to link to, and then contact the site owners asking for a link to that piece of content.

At the end of every month, I will show you:

  1. The links that I have built and where on your site they link to.
  2. Your increases in traffic from Google.
  3. The increases in traffic that have come through the links that I have placed.

My aim is to get you 10 links a month, every month.

I make no guarantees beyond that, but you should judge me on increase in online conversions.


Who am I?

Photo of dental SEO consultant Oli Baise
Sadly, I never grew into my forehead…


I’m Oli Baise. I want to build links to your website.






I am:

      • Quality-focussed: Quite frankly, I see having everything that I put out being of highest quality as my “safety net”. This means that even if my work does not make you rank (and I believe that this is unlikely) you will still be left with links to your website from sites popular with people interested in what you do (high-quality digital PR essentially). There is no hiding place online so I never cut corners.
      • Transparent: You will have access to everything I do, and can pour over all the data,
        documents and software that I use.  There’s no “hocus-pocus” with me and if something isn’t
        working in quite the way that we want I will let you know and work to put it right.
      • Helpful: If you hire me you are getting my expertise as well as my work.
        So please ask questions and seek out my advice whenever you think it may be of use to you.
        An ideal working relationship would see your understanding of marketing increase
        to the point where you can apply it to your business, and my understanding of
        what you do increase so I create even more relevant links.
      • Friendly: Part of any contract with me involves a weekly half-hour conversation over
        the phone or on Skype. Nothing is off-limits in these conversations. I would
        love to do more of them but unfortunately effective marketing is a
        time-consuming activity.

Cheers for reading, if you like what you hear you can read a very detailed explanation of exactly what I do.