Case Study: 92 Dental

92 Dental-

92 Dental is a dental practice in Hammersmith, London.

They wanted to rank higher in Google for geographic keywords such as “dentist in Hammersmith” and “dentist in West London”

They had worked hard optimising their homepage and service pages, but due to the immense competition in the area, they knew that getting links from highly relevant, authoritative websites was necessary to rank highly in the SERPs for these terms.

Dental practices are unfortunately the industry of choice for black hat SEOs who pay website owners for links and throw together thin, boring articles to make these paid links seem “legitimate”.

As a result, many site owners in the health and beauty niche see dentists as walking bags of money, unlikely to add anything of interest to their sites. Sure they will run content by dentists (and link out to them) but only for a fee.

The client (sensibly, in my opinion) did not want to pay for links.

I therefore had to find opportunities where a dentist could actually provide something of interest to problems that people cared about.

A hot topic in healthcare at the moment is mental health. I knew that if I could build a bridge between dentistry and mental health, I’d be onto a winner.

As it turns out, one of the biggest, and underdiagnosed, symptoms of anxiety is tooth-grinding. And guess who could have something useful to say about managing tooth grinding…

Anyway, enough with the theory, here are some of the links that I built with this angle:

Huffington Post (DA 90)

Alaska Sleep Clinic (DA 51)

Red Hot Mamas (DA 41)

Defying Mental Illness (DA 23)

Vice Magazine (DA 93)


Here are some other links that I built to the site:

The Telegraph (DA 94)

Healthline (DA 90)

Hammersmith and Fulham Council (DA 62 site)

BustleĀ (DA 91)

Mind Body Green (DA 88)

Romper (DA 73)

Highya (DA 58)

Talk Health Partnership (DA 45)

Zwivel (DA 56)

Playbrush (DA 46)