Case Study: UK Personal Law Firm

I gain 99% of my placements and links through cold email.

A nice side effect of this is that I can get clients through cold email without playing the type of numbers game that would make a veteran Tinder user blush.

That’s how this project started, I sent the (future) client a brilliant cold email (the type I send to get links) and within a couple of hours they were signed up.

The client are a personal law firm that focus specifically on conveyancing and personal injury.

Lazy people like to say that building links in the legal industry is hard…well they’re wrong.

Legal professionals have a very specific area of knowledge that few others do. Lots of content gaps to fill on juicy sites.

Given that this company operate in conveyancing and personal injury law, we wanted links from websites related to property and HR/occupational health.

We were challenged a bit by the fact that law is country-specific, so we could only really focus on UK sites.

Anyway with that little excuse out the way, here are some of the shexiest links that we got (I won’t show the URL, just the domain):


Zoopla (DR: 83)

On The Market (DR: 77)

Hunters (DR: 65)

Estate Agency Today (DR: 75)

Property Industry Eye (DR: 67)


HR/Occupational Health:

HR Exchange Network (DR: 66)

TLNT (DR: 70)

Randstad (DR: 70)

GoHire (DR: 70)

Cardinus (DR: 50)


Other nice ones that are worth a mention:

The Express (DR: 89)

Cyclist Magazine (DR: 60)

Business West (DR: 69)

Be The Business (DR: 57)

Bike EU (DR: 68)

All in all, we have 89 links and counting.


Traffic increase

I can’t show you the Google Analytics data but I will show you the estimated traffic from Ahrefs and Semrush. Between you and me the exact numbers are miles off but the growth ratios are there-ish.

(FYI we started in February and its now October)


Traffic on Ahrefs



Semrush Traffic

Pretty good innit 🙂